September 26, 2022
US unveils plans to invest $50 billion in semiconductor industry

US unveils plans to invest $50 billion in semiconductor industry

The sum refers to the ‘CHIPS and Science Act’, which was enacted in August

Ber Gabriel Caldera

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Department of Commerce America Its plan to invest US$50 billion, mandated by the August “Chips and Science Act,” was announced on Tuesday morning the 6th. profession Inside Semiconductors in the country.

About US$28 billion will be used to domestically manufacture these chips, which will be used in all products that contain at least one circuit in their composition. The money will come from concessions or cooperation agreements, the ministry said in a statement.

The strategy aims to increase the production capacity of factories that sell to “core” sectors. Vehicle, Information and Communication Technology and Medical Devices. About 10 million US dollars will be allocated for this purpose.

Finally, $11 million will go toward “efforts to strengthen U.S. leadership in research and development” in the semiconductor industry, the department said.

Semiconductor industry in the US; The country announced plans to invest US$50 billion in the semiconductor industry through the “Chips and Science Act”. Photo: Intel

The report also lays out the objectives of transfers such as “increasing scale and attracting private capital”, “leveraging collaboration to build semiconductor ecosystems”, “establishing a secure and resilient supply chain”.