July 22, 2024

USA: Twins marry twins and have children of identical relatives

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USA: Twins marry twins and have children of identical relatives
USA: Twins marry twins and have children of identical relatives

Two identical American twin sisters have been successful on social media showing their lives with their husbands, identical twins and their children, identical relatives born a month apart.

Brittany and Brianna are married to Josh and Jeremy Saliers, respectively, and they met at the Festival of Twins in 2017. The two were proposed six months later, after falling in love at the time.

The couple got married in August 2018 and they live in the same house in Virginia, USA. The most successful posts and confusion on the account they share on Instagram, children Jet and Jax describe as “cousins, genetic brothers and quaternary twins”.

Be quiet, they explain: “Their mothers and fathers are identical twins. Both couples had children, and the same DNA created both of them. Identical twins share the same DNA and both pairs are identical.

Dude, Australia, has admitted that the Saliers sisters are planning to become pregnant again at the same time. “We have lived together for most of our life milestones, birthdays, driving licenses, graduations and our twin marriages. It’s going to be the next big event, we want to enjoy it together, we will,” said Briana.

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