June 6, 2023
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USDA says US sells 317,200 tonnes of 2021/22 soybeans in week 6/9

Sao Paulo, 17 – U.S. exporters sold 317,200 tonnes of soybeans from the 2021/22 crop in the week ended June 9, according to the country’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) weekly report on Thursday. The value represents a 26% drop compared to the previous week and a 16% drop compared to the average of the previous four weeks.

During the week, China (135,400 tonnes), Japan (83,000 tonnes), the Netherlands (68,500 tonnes), Mexico (58,900 tonnes) and Bangladesh (57,700 tonnes) were the main buyers. t).

For the 2022/23 harvest, 407.6 thousand tons were sold. Major buyers were unpublished places (196.5 thousand tons), China (132 thousand tons), Japan (50 thousand tons), Colombia (14 thousand tons) and Mexico (9.9 thousand tons).

The sum of the two crops is subject to the predictions of the researchers Dow Jones NewswireExpect quantities ranging from 200 thousand tons to 900 thousand tons per week.

Exports during the period totaled 708.7 thousand tonnes. Volume was 49% higher than the previous week and 23% higher than the four-week average. The main destinations of the week were Mexico (184.8 thousand tons), Egypt (109.5 thousand tons), Japan (93.6 thousand tons), China (74.6 thousand tons) and the Netherlands (68.5 thousand tons).