February 5, 2023
USDA: US 22/23 cotton weekly sales total 16,500 bales and...

USDA: US 22/23 cotton weekly sales total 16,500 bales and…

18th to 24th November, highlights of purchases made by India in current harvest

In the 2022/23 harvest in the US, net weekly cotton sales from November 18 to 24 totaled 16.50 thousand bales over the previous week (25.10 thousand tonnes), giving prominence to India, the United Agriculture Department said. States (USDA, in English) this Thursday (1st).

For each business year, the North American country shipped 8.70 million bales, compared to 8.68 million bales in the previous week and 9.34 million bales in the same period a year earlier. USDA’s total estimate, according to the latest report, is 11.71 million bales of exports.

From the 2023/24 season, the US recorded net sales of 11 thousand bales, compared to 8.10 thousand tonnes in the previous week, with Turkey accounting for the main purchases.

Cotton exports totaled 139,500 bales last week, according to data reported by the USDA on Tuesday, with imports from China weighing heavily.

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