November 28, 2022
Used cars with prices up to 30 thousand Brazilian riyals: good alternatives to buy

Used cars with prices up to 30 thousand Brazilian riyals: good alternatives to buy

For consumers, dreaming of owning their own cars or even being able to buy a new one, the question that has been reflected is “Why are there no expensive cars?”. The question is very relevant, as the car that was priced at 50 thousand riyals in 2020 increased so much that it reached double the price in 2022. In these cases, among the most viable options for those who do not want to give up owning their own car is the possibility of Buying a used car.

So if you need a new car but can’t afford it, a used car can be a great option. they exist cheap used cars, with prices up to 30 thousand Brazilian riyals. Find out more details!

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Used cars as a last resort

Due to the lack of new cars, consumers end up turning to used cars, creating the same supply and demand problem. Lots of people chase cars when the market is not ready for service and the products for sale prove to be expensive. To give you an idea, a used car had a buy-to-resale lag of more than two months in 2019, and today it’s frequently reduced to around 30 days, specifically in order to speed up transactions.

5 cheap used cars for less than 30 thousand Brazilian riyals

Now check out the list below 5 models of used cars that cost up to 30 thousand BRL and you can choose if you still have enough money to invest in a zero-car.

Paying less than R$25 thousand, it is possible to buy a good 5-speed manual transmission with a 2.0 engine of 151 hp and a torque of 62.2 kgf / m. Plus, you’ll find it with leather seats and even an air conditioner with a digital reader. what about?

Toyota Corolla SEF 2004 is one of the best cars that you can find at an affordable price at the moment, which at that time was at the front of the class. The engine is 1.8 with 136 hp and a torque of 17.44 kgf / m. In this case, the transmission is automatic and has 4 gears.

The Fiat Palio is by far one of the most desired cars by used car buyers. The 2004 model received a good rating and an economical 1.0-liter petrol engine with 65 horsepower. The most complete version offers air conditioning and electric mirrors.

With this option, you have a more modern and well-equipped alternative for just over R$25,000 (about R$27,500). This variant has the same EA111 1.6-liter 104hp engine as the current model, so you’ll have a larger selection of items for the vehicle.

Finally, we have a choice that never runs out. The 2012 Ford Ka, better known as “Kazinho” for having two doors, might be the cost-effective option you’re looking for. However, it is very economical and has a satisfactory power of a 73 hp 1.0 engine. This car resale is very good and maintenance usually does not cause any headache.