March 26, 2023

Users are happy with the news

Come find out what this change in the world’s most used messaging app is all about. Modernization should slowly and gradually reach all users.

The change in WhatsApp has made the world’s most used messaging app users very happy. If you are still unaware of this news, then go ahead and check out what it is all about and start enjoying this feature now.

And as reported by Meta, the company responsible for managing WhatsApp, it has reported that it is testing a series of features and also new tools, which will be tested first in the beta version of WhatsApp, especially for the iOS version. Come check out what this news is!

Understand what this novelty from the world’s most widely used messaging app is all about and enjoy Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Change in WhatsApp makes users happy; Check which one

Recently, the text editing issue in the messaging app has been revamped. After this novelty, the messaging app with millions of users has announced another feature that has long been requested by regular users of the platform.

According to the WABetaInfo portal, this new update promises to promote a series of utilities when you need to find people who are not saved in the phone contact. According to the information provided in the portal, this feature has been very useful especially regarding WhatsApp groups. Since this new tool was created, when displaying a phone number, the app should also display the name of the person in the groups to make it easier to identify.