July 14, 2024

USP Claims 750 Mathematics Points at Enem and Removes Sisu Stakeholders: ‘Out of Reality,’ Says Black Candidate | Enemy 2021

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USP Claims 750 Mathematics Points at Enem and Removes Sisu Stakeholders: 'Out of Reality,' Says Black Candidate |  Enemy 2021
USP Claims 750 Mathematics Points at Enem and Removes Sisu Stakeholders: 'Out of Reality,' Says Black Candidate |  Enemy 2021

As of midnight Wednesday (16), no candidate who studied at a public school and declared themselves black, brown, or indigenous had applied to a petroleum engineering course at the University of São Paulo (USP), through the standardized selection system (Content). The application period ends on Friday (18).

At least six other graduates at Escola Politécnica da USPsuch as civil or environmental engineering, the quota method for the group described above did not even have a partial cutoff score. “The number of applicants is less than the number of vacancies,” the site says.

Sisu informs that there were not enough people yet enrolled in the petroleum engineering course – Image: clone

She is exactly Courses that accept only candidates (students of classes or broad competition) who have obtained at least 750 points in the Mathematics test for the National Secondary School Examination (Enem) 2021. The norm is determined by each faculty (the Institute of Psychology, for example, requires 400 points in all subjects).

Petroleum Engineering course requires 750 Enem Mathematics Exam – Image: clone

“These notes [da Politécnica] Very far from the reality of blacks in public schools. “They couldn’t get a good education,” says Amanda Carla Catarino, 20.

She was the former student of a public school and a popular middle school, the young woman Passed this year in mechanical engineering in USPThrough the quota system in the university entrance examination (Fuvest). fur ContentYou wouldn’t even be able to register for the course.

“I got a 670 in math at Enem, so I’m going out of it,” he says.

“And I was still an exception, because I was able to devote myself only to my studies and received help from a godfather, a teacher, but most of my colleagues did not have the same conditions. No wonder blacks who are a reference in the exact sciences are so hard to find here in Brazil. There are still many obstacles.”

Knowledge Gap × Course Requirements

Engineering courses at Escola Politécnica da USP Demand, according to the students he heard g 1And the Advanced knowledge of mathematics since the beginning of the first semester.

world note [de 750 pontos no Enem] are placed in Content So no one is approved without knowing the basics of the system. The problem is that it becomes a file Barrier to entry for students from public schools who receive an incomplete education‘,” says Lucas Ventura, 21, a computer engineering student at USP And a member of the Poli Negra congregation.

Lucas is a computer engineering student at the University of the South Pacific and a member of the Poly Negra Collegiate – Photo: personal archive

According to him, It will be necessary to invest in introductory courses Calculus, for example, so that all newcomers can follow classes.

“This kind of initiative came more from the students themselves [veteranos] It is associations or academic centers. There is very little institutional effort,” he adds.

In a note, the college’s press office stated that the Graduation Committee established, in early 2020, the “I’m in Poly” program, with video lessons for new students. “the students [mais avançados] Log in as volunteer teachers and be guided by the officials [da USP]’, says the university.

a g 1 He asked the institution if the definition of minimum scores in the sprint would end up hurting students coming from the public network. There was no response until the last update of this report.

When did you come? USP At science fairs, at the age of ten, I saw only eggs. I felt something unreal. Before that, I looked and thought: This is not a place for me, ”says Amanda, mentioned at the beginning of this article.

There was a breakthrough. But, specifically, these lower scores make it difficult for us to reach them. For example, I was always a good student in school and even took a technical course in automation. However, for less than 100 points, I could not apply for engineering in Content“, He says.

He asks, “If there is no final quota limit for students, this is a clear indication that the university needs to lower this requirement. What will the quota be of use for, if no one registers?”

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