February 2, 2023
VALE3, PETR4 and BANKS fall out;  Refrigerators and airlines are going up

VALE3, PETR4 and BANKS fall out; Refrigerators and airlines are going up

Today’s investors are waiting more than they are active. In Brasilia, the STF has begun an analysis It’s called the secret budget, which may give the elected government more room to negotiate the issue of the transitional presidential election commission, which is now being debated in the plenary session of the Senate, where it needs to be approved by two rounds (with a minimum of 49 votes in favor in each) and then in the House of Representatives where it will find more resistance . In the end, the STF ended up postponing the decision to next Wednesday (14). Meanwhile, in New York, fear of a recession continues to drive down indices. With this scenario, the Brazilian stock market fell, affected by heavyweights Vale companies (VOUCH3), with 3.56% less, and Petrobras (PETR3🇧🇷PETR4), respectively minus 1.51% and 1.13%, Which reflects another drop in oil prices🇧🇷 But not only. Banks also fell, but not all of them. Itaú Unibanco (ITUB4) closed by 0.73% which is one of the highest trading volumes today. and Louisa magazine (MGLU3) differed from the rest of the retail stores and decreased by 5.77% also with heavy trading volumes. Steelmakers closed mixed, still under analysis of Chinese movements in connection with the pandemic, with focus on the fall of CSN (CSNA3) minus 1.90%. high – Three sectors popped up. Refrigerators, with a focus on China, led the gains, with BRF (BRFS3(up 4.14% and JBS)JBSS3) plus 3.27%. Carriers advanced: blue (blue 4(3.86% took off and Gol)Ogre 4) 2.54%. card verification code (CVCB3) closed down another 3.46%, while the forward interest fell (Cilic remained at 13.75%.🇧🇷 🇧🇷Fernando Lopez🇧🇷