January 29, 2023
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Valid extradition of a Russian businessman to the United States – International

Switzerland’s federal criminal court has rejected an appeal by a Russian businessman against extradition to the United States for the crime of disclosing domestic information.

The court rejected Vladislav Klush’s plea for release on November 16 and aired on AFP on Monday (13).

According to Russian opposition media, Klyushin is closely associated with Alexey Gromov, a top Kremlin official and the first deputy head of the Russian presidential administration.

Kromov, who was also a spokesman for the Kremlin between 2000 and 2008, was in charge of the media in the presidential administration.

In his appeal, Klushin stated that he was being prosecuted “on political grounds” and hoped that Switzerland would benefit from not being deported for political crimes. However, the court noted that there was no doubt about the “freedom of American justice.”

According to the Swiss Federal Office of Justice, Closin was accused in the United States of illegally amassing millions of dollars through internal contact with various associates. The merchant was arrested in March this year in the Valais corner of Switzerland.

Klyushin is the owner of the M13 Group, which specializes in setting up databases and Internet resources, and runs several companies, according to Russian newspapers.

The group created the “Kadyucha” system for monitoring media and social networks, which has been officially used by the Russian presidential administration since 2016 and by other ministries in the country.

On April 7, Switzerland received a request for deportation from Russia, which was rejected by the Federal Office months later.

Following Russia’s request, another extradition request was filed on April 19 by the United States.

Now the businessman cannot appeal. However, in particularly important cases, this judgment may be challenged by the Supreme Federal Court of Switzerland if deemed necessary.