July 14, 2024

Variant of Omicron BA.2 is more contagious than the ‘original’ strain, says Denmark

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EFE/EPA/Mads Claus Rasmussen
EFE/EPA/Mads Claus Rasmussen

Copenhagen – subvariante BA.2 Give A variant of the Corona virus is micron, which quickly became more dominant in Denmark, appears to be more contagious than the most common strain, and Bachelor 1. The information was provided by Danish Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke last Wednesday 26. “There is no evidence that variant BA.2 causes more serious disease, but it is likely to be more contagious,” he said.

The BA.1 lineage is currently responsible for 98% of all identified Covid-19 cases globally. However, Denmark stopped spreading due to the emergence of BA.2, which became the most widespread since the second week of January. Cases of this subtype have also been reported in United kingdomAnd And Sweden and on Norway, but in much smaller numbers than in Denmark.

according to UK Health Security Agency, BA.2 is a strain of the virus under investigation and may have an infectious advantage over the more common strain. Preliminary studies of Serum Statins Institute (SSI)The leading Danish authority on infectious diseases also reports that this subtype may be 1.5 times more contagious than BA.1.

However, the Institute’s preliminary analysis did not identify a difference in the risk of hospitalization for BA.2 compared to BA.1. “There are some indications that it’s a more contagious subtype, especially to non-vaccinated people, but it can also infect highly vaccinated people,” Tyra Grove-Krause, SSI technical director, said this week.

However, according to the director, this could mean that the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Denmark will extend in February for a longer time than previously expected. And the state announced plans to end the restriction measures by the first Tuesday of this day, despite the record number of daily infections. It will be the last country in Europe to relax the restrictive measures.

BA.2, which does not have a specific mutation observed with respect to the ‘native’ micron, is under investigation by health authorities but has not been considered a variant of concern. / With information from Reuters

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