September 28, 2022
Vasco campaigned similar to the failure of 2021;  The difference is being in G-4 |  Vasco

Vasco campaigned similar to the failure of 2021; The difference is being in G-4 | Vasco

After a smooth start to Série B, when leader Cruzeiro chased and was undefeated until round 15, Vasco Live a tense end to the straight season. Before redirecting, access is at risk.

The situation is not hopeless, but it is far from comfortable. The club even has a remote possibility of leaving the G-4 on Friday, for the first time since the seventh round. For that to happen, Londrina needs to beat Ponte Preta by five goals. something improbable.

Vasco has 48 points in 31 rounds – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Vasco

But with a simple victory, Parana will tie in points with Vasco. The momentum is due to the decline in yield performance, and the numbers show that there is cause for concern.

After 31 rounds, Vasco has 48 points today. The campaign is practically the same as last year, when it was out of reach. The main difference is the placement in the table. The bar this season is lower.

In 2021, after the 31st round, Vasco had 47 points, 13 wins, eight draws and ten defeats. He was sixth, five points behind the G4, not remaining in any round. This year, despite a similar campaign, the team has been in the top four since round seven.

Vasco campaigns until round 31 of the Second Division

season state PTS Fifth And the Dr GP GC s
2021 VI 47 13 8 10 38 34 4
2022 the fourth 48 13 9 9 35 28 7

Performance drops on return

Vasco is still on his legs and has a seemingly calmer schedule than Londrina in the last seven rounds. According to Infobola, by mathematician Tristão Garcia, the chances of access today are 61%. The performance in the second round is what worries me the most.

Jorginho gathers the Vasco group in training on Thursday – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Vasco

Vasco finished the first round of the Série B with 35 points, in second place. The team had the fewest defeats (2) and had the third best defense in the competition, conceding 11 goals. Usage rate was 61%.

In turn, the team managed to score only 13 points out of a possible 36. The benefit rate is 36%. There were four wins, one draw and seven defeats. The letter, however, remains reliable in access.

We have a team that will reach the goal and return to the first division. That’s right, it will happen – said coach Jorginho, after the defeat to Cruzeiro.

Vasco will have eight days off to prepare for the match against Londrina. The club from Rio will only return to the field next Thursday, in a match valid for the 32nd round of the second division, at 21:30, in São Januaro. Fans sold out tickets to the showdown that won the atmosphere of the decision.

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