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Vasco takes the lead, but gives up a tie for Boavista in Cariocao – 29/01/2022

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Vasco takes the lead, but gives up a tie for Boavista in Cariocao - 29/01/2022
Vasco takes the lead, but gives up a tie for Boavista in Cariocao - 29/01/2022

the Basque A 1-1 draw with Boavista today (29) at São Januaro Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in the second round of Campionato Carioca. Raniel scored 9 goals and Wandinho 33 goals in the match, both in the second half.

As a result, Trim-Bala da Colina maintained the lead in the championship with 4 added points, ahead of Flamengo by only goal difference. On the other hand, Boavista ranks sixth.

In the next round, Vasco Nova will host Iguaçu, on Wednesday (2), at 9:35 pm, while Verdao de Saquarima will host Flamengo, on the same day, at 7:00 pm.

All went well: Anderson Conceicao closes the defense

Although Boavista did not threaten much from Cruzmaltina’s goal, it was up to Anderson Conceicao to calmly defend against attacks, causing goalkeeper Thiago Rodriguez to do little, especially in the first stage.

It was bad: the midfield misses passes

The trio of Nene, Bruno Nazario and Gabriel Peck needed a serious conversation in the locker room during the break so they could improve. Before that, they had missed passes and ends that made the fans at São Januaro angry and striker Raniel just lost.

Raniel makes up for himself

Raniel appeared a lot during the match, but he erred by missing shots and assists that could have given another direction to the match even 20 minutes before play. Despite the mistakes, he managed to redeem himself early in the second half by scoring the first goal in the match.

Vasco learns from mistakes

Vasco managed to create a few obvious scoring chances, but he struggled with passing and shooting errors in the first stage. In the second half, coach Ze Ricardo corrected the errors and the team managed to advance and then approach the opponent’s attack to try to guarantee the result.

Boavista defends himself and takes advantage of failure

Boavista’s side obviously didn’t try to impress during the match and kept quiet on the defensive, betting on a few moments of attacking goofs during the first half. But in the second stage, the conceded goal at the start of time awakened Verdão de Saquarema, who began making continuous attacks and managed to equalize at 33.

Andinho enters and draws

With just over 10 minutes left on the pitch, Wandinho equalized for the visitors. Matthews received Alessandro’s right wing, took advantage of the space offered by Gallarza and sent it to the area. Vasco defender hesitated and finished Wandinho leaving everything as is.

Send Failed

transition The match was criticized by fans on Twitter. Among the complaints, some reported that the broadcast did not start until 33 minutes into the first half, while others complained about the low live broadcast and the moments when the match was completely silent.


The first dangerous move appeared 3 minutes into the first half, as goalkeeper Fernando missed the pass and ended up at the foot of Nene, who tried at first but sent it weak. Boavista ruled out the attempt at 7 and 9, but also without success and after the break for the water, the match was tepid.

On the way back to the second stage, Vasco started opening the scoring at 9 with Raniel. After that, the team was under constant pressure from Boavista, who managed to equalize the result with the help of a mistake from the opposing team at 33 of the last stage.

data sheet
Vasco 1 x 1 Boavista

data: 01/29/2022
Sweetened: Sao Januario (RJ)
hour: 21:00 (from Brasilia)
Rule: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda;
Auxiliaries: Wallace Muller Barros Santos and Guilherme Vogas Tavares
yellow cards: Bruno Nazario, Nene, and Weverton (Vasco); Matthews Alessandro (Boavista)
Objectives: Raniel (Fez) in the 9th minute of the second half. Andinho (Brazil), 33 of the second half.

Basque:Thiago Rodriguez Weaverton, Ulysses, Anderson Conceicao and Edemar; Yuri Lara (Gitlio), Juninho (Galarza), Gabriel Beck (Izki), Nene and Bruno Nazario (Mateus Barbosa); Raniel (Figueiredo). idiomatic: Ricardo’s outfit.

good view: Fernando, Wellington Silva (Luis Philippe), Diogo Rangel, Cadu Fernandez, Paul (Miguel), Marquinho, Ralph (Wandino), Bale, Matthews Alessandro, Marquinhos (Ryan Gillherme) and Di Maria. idiomatic: Leonardo.

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