July 14, 2024

Vasco tied Madureira in their 2023 Carioca debut

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Vasco tied Madureira in their 2023 Carioca debut
Vasco tied Madureira in their 2023 Carioca debut

Premiere of a movie Basque The Carioca Championship 2023 was marked by a tribute to Roberto Dynamite. The duel against Madureira was the first match after the death of the greatest idol of the Maltese Cruz Club. Using a squad made up of reserve players, Vasco drew 0-0 with Tricolor Suburbano in São Janurio.

  • The 22 players gathered in the center of the field for a minute’s silence in honor of Roberto Dynamite.
  • Valentina, Roberto’s granddaughter, wore Vasco’s jersey number 10. She also walked into the center of the field during the minute’s silence.
  • “Oh, it’s dynamite.” At 10 minutes into the first half, the match was stopped for Vasco fans to once again pay homage to the idol.
Vasco shirt detail with Roberto Dynamite tribute - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Vasco jersey detail with a tribute to Roberto Dynamite

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

carriers in the United States

Vasco used reserve players in Carioca’s debut as the main squad follows pre-season in the United States. The defending champions traveled to North America on Friday (13th), for the Florida Cup dispute. There, Cruz Maltino will face River Plate from Argentina and Inter de Miami from the United States. The trend is for Vasco starters to play the fourth-round state. Until then, in the duels with Audax and Botafogo, the reserves will be used again.

  • Who led the Vasco team was Emilio Faro, as coach Mauricio Barbieri is with the hosts in the USA.
  • There were more than 16,000 fans in Sao Janurio and they were very supportive.
  • Vasco dominated the match and created good chances, but lacked quality in deducing plays.

important bids

On the beam! – In 9 minutes of the first half, Vasco arrived in danger, in the final by Juninho, who hit the post.

Outside – In the 32nd minute of the first half, striker Ze Santos advanced alone, but he missed his head and sent the ball.

What a defense Ze Santos tried again with his head, but the Vasco striker stopped in a beautiful defense by goalkeeper Dida, at 4 of the second half.

waiting list Defender Lincoln lined up in Madureira’s defense and almost scored a goal, 40 minutes into the second half. But the finishing touches were weak, which made it easier for the goalkeeper.

data sheet

Vasco 0 x 0 Madureira

a reason: The first round of the Carioca Championship
Place: São Januário, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
date and time: January 14, 2023, 6 p.m. (Brasilia time)
Rule: Rafael Martins de SA (RJ)
Assistants: Thiago Rosa de Oliveira Esposito and Rafael Cepeda de Souza (both RJ)
Yellow cards: Paulo Victor and Rodrigo (VAS); Guilherme Augusto and Henrique (MAD)

Vasco: Rodrigo Halls, Pimentel (Lincon), Ze Vitor and Paolo Victor (Juan); Matheus Barbosa, Galarza and Juninho (Lucas Eduardo); Baixaw (Marlon Santos), Eric (Julio) and Ze Santos. Technical: Emilio Farrow.

Mature: Dida, Rowan (Oliviera), Cavallini, Wagner (Bruno Cosendi), and Brian; Panguili, Matheus Lira, Henrique (Arthur Martins) and Pablo Pardal (Thiaguinho); Guilherme Augusto (Gustavo Coutinho) and Louise Paolo. Technical: Philip Arantes.

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