Venezuela: Canada calls for unrestricted access for humanitarian aid

Venezuela: le Canada réclame l'accès sans restriction de l'aide humanitaire

MONTREAL — Canada has claimed Saturday, “access to safe and unrestricted” humanitarian aid in Venezuela and stated that it was “deeply concerned” by the acts of violence aimed at hindering its entry into the country.

“Canada is deeply concerned by acts of violence allegedly perpetrated by the regime Maduro to prevent the entry of relief items from neighbouring countries”, said the minister of foreign Affairs asked by chrystia Freeland and his colleague from the international Development Marie-Claude Bibeau.

Ottawa “to demand that these attacks be ineligible to be the subject of an investigation and that the perpetrators are brought to justice,” added the ministers in a statement, noting that “these attacks targeting civilians are simply unacceptable”.

Accusing the regime Maduro to hamper efforts to distribute aid, the ministers noted “worrying reports”, according to which “stakeholders of the plan have been burning the help rather than allowing its delivery to those in need in Venezuela”.

The army has responded with violence Saturday at the borders of Venezuela, forcing the supporters of the opponent Juan Guaido to renounce to deliver humanitarian assistance eagerly sought, but refused by the president Nicolas Maduro.

At least two people were killed, including a boy of 14 years, and more than 300 injured in the course of the day.

“Over the past two years, the world has observed with great concern that Venezuela is sinking into dictatorship under the rule of Nicolas Maduro. As more and more Venezuelans have a need for help screaming, and that a large number of them fleeing the country, it is more evident than ever that the regime Maduro should allow safe access and without restriction of humanitarian aid to Venezuela,” added the ministers.

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