Venezuela: Canada meeting its allies in the Group of Lima and announcement of the help

Venezuela: le Canada rencontre ses alliés du Groupe de Lima et annonce de l’aide

OTTAWA – Canada “answers now” and will pay $ 53 million to help the Venezuelans affected by the political and social crisis that has engulfed their country, announced on Monday that the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

“The Venezuelans can count on our support as they attempt to regain their country and restore democracy”, he declared opening of the meeting of the Group of Lima, in Ottawa.

“Today, Canada is responding to this and announces $ 53 million to respond to the most urgent needs of Venezuelans in the field, including nearly three million refugees,” said the prime minister.

Most of the funds will go to neighbouring countries like Peru and Colombia who have to deal with this migration. A budget of $ 2.6 million is planned for non-governmental organizations established in Venezuela, according to the department for international Development.

The chair of the meeting is ensured by the canadian minister of foreign Affairs, asked by chrystia Freeland. The diplomat-in-chief reiterated Monday that Ottawa has chosen his camp: he ranks behind Juan Guaido, who has declared himself president of venezuela, acting.

“Canada and the Group of Lima recognize the rule of law, the supremacy of the Constitution of Venezuela and the primacy of the will of the venezuelan people”, said Ms. Freeland, saying that it hoped a peaceful transition to democracy.

There is no question that the canadian government endorse a military intervention to overthrow the regime of socialist president Nicolas Maduro – the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has presented the thing as an “option”.

“We have clearly indicated that the restoration of the democracy was to be done by the Venezuelans themselves. We do not support military intervention to resolve this crisis,” wrote in an e-mail Adam Austen, the press secretary of the minister Freeland.

The Group meeting in Lima comes at a time when popular protests are increasing in Venezuela to oust Nicolas Maduro, and while several european countries come formally to endorse the opponent Guaido.

A video of the latter has been broadcast for the opening of the meeting. Through an interpreter, he invited his western allies to continue the battle against the”usurpation” of democracy in his country.

“Unfortunately, we’re still under a dictatorship in Venezuela at this time. This is the reason why it is necessary to increase the pressure,” said the one who is the president of the national Assembly of venezuela, that are controlled by the opposition.

The crisis that is raging in the country Maduro has repercussions elsewhere; countries such as Brazil and Colombia are facing an influx of refugees. The Group of Lima tries to find strategies to support the venezuelan opposition and to cope with the migration crisis.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau met on Sunday with Juan Guaido. The two men stressed the need for presidential elections free and fair to be held in the South American country, according to a summary of the office of the canadian leader.

The Group from Lima was created on August 8, 2017 to coordinate the efforts of countries and to exert international pressure on the regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, who is considered “illegitimate” by the organization.

The United States are not part of the grouping. However, they have also denounced the regime Maduro and recognized Juan Guaido.

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