March 24, 2023
Venezuela presents a binational economic plan to Colombian businessmen

Venezuela presents a binational economic plan to Colombian businessmen

The countries grow closer after President Gustavo Petro takes power; There is talk about the idea of ​​establishing a special economic zone on the borders between the regions

Federico Parra/AFPNicolás Maduro is the current President of Venezuela

vice president of venezuela, Delsey RodriguezOn Thursday, the 24th, he presented a binational economic plan to Colombian merchants who visited Caracas to meet with businessmen from the Caribbean country, in search of joint investment opportunities. Rodriguez explained to businessmen that Venezuela’s exportable offer consists mainly of “oil, energy and gas,” although there are other non-traditional sectors that are growing and looking for foreign markets, such as food production. “We are checking with the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) which binational projects we can finance,” he said. Rodriguez also noted that the president Nicolas Maduro presented to his Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petroa The idea of ​​establishing a special economic zone that allows for special conditions for commercial activity In the strip connecting the two countries, which extends for a distance of 2,219 kilometers. “The doors are open and the two governments are working for the benefit of the productive sectors. We need a little coordination and reorganization in order for this trade relationship to be balanced,” he considered.

The Venezuelan Vice-President also stressed the need to explore the areas in which the productive sectors can complement each other, to determine what one country or another needs to buy and, to the same extent, to see the productive capacities of each. The meeting was organized by the largest employers’ association in Venezuela, Fedecámaras, and the National Confederation of Tradesmen of Colombia, which visited Caracas on its first exploratory work mission.

* With information from EFE