Venezuela: Trudeau and Guaido call for presidential elections free

Venezuela: Trudeau et Guaido appellent à des élections présidentielles libres

OTTAWA — The office of Justin Trudeau said on Sunday that the prime minister had discussed with him who is regarded as the leader legitimate from Venezuela by Canada and several of its allies.

Mr. Trudeau spoke with Juan Guaido of the importance for the international community to send a clear message about “the illegitimacy of the regime Maduro”.

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According to the press release published Sunday in the late afternoon by the office of Mr. Trudeau, the two men also talked about the respect for the venezuelan constitution. They stressed the need that a presidential election free and fair to be held in the South American country.

The conservation between the two men occurs on the eve of the meeting of the Group of Lima, in Ottawa.

The meeting will bring together more than a dozen delegations of countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective will be to find ways to support the venezuelan opposition and to alleviate the refugee crisis in Brazil and Colombia.

The program was not yet final, Sunday, because of the rapid evolution of the crisis in venezuela.

Canada has already provided $ 2.2 million in humanitarian aid. The current crisis has led to an exodus of three million people.

Mr. Trudeau told Mr. Guaido that the meeting “will focus on how the international community can further support the population of Venezuela, including by means of immediate humanitarian assistance”.

“The prime minister has praised the courage and leadership shown by Juan Guaido to help restore democracy in Venezuela and offered the continued support of Canada”, one can read in the press release.

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