June 5, 2023

vent prediction signals from the scorching heat of the SC; know when

The weather forecast destined for the Brusque region, released by Clematera’s Ronaldo Coutinho, keeps the summery climate in check for the weekend. There are forecasts for peaks above 30 ° C on Saturday, the 25th, and Sunday, the 26th, which generates a strong feeling of depression.

According to Coutinho, on these two days the sun tends to come out for longer periods in the morning, adding to the shower situation with thunderstorms. This is reinforced by the higher temperature between the afternoon and evening, with higher chances for Sunday.

Even the specialist does not exclude the possibility of isolated storms on Sunday, due to the arrival of a cold front in the Itagai Valley, which should collide with the hot air still present in the area.

Brooks dawned on Saturday with a gray sky / Archive: Ciro Groh

Expect easing of heat on the horizon

The forecast for the SC finally points to good news for those eagerly awaiting relief from the sweltering heat. According to the memo from Climaterra, the state should start next week with temperature extremes abating and include the Brusque Territory in that context.

“We’re not expecting a cold, it’s nice to say. What the Brusquense region and the country as a whole will get will be a relief in the strong stifle. Afternoon temperatures tend to stay below 30C, at least until Wednesday,” explains Coutinho.

“By the way, the lows on the thermometers will also have an impact on the early hours of the early part of next week. The lows at dawn tend to fluctuate between 16°C and 18/19°C in Brusek and surrounding towns, and may drop from 12°C in the regions Elsewhere in the Alto Valle do Itagay, like Vidal Ramos and Embuya, “he concludes.

Brusque in the early hours of this Saturday morning / Archive: Ciro Groh

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Brusk starts on Saturday morning / Archive: Ciro Groh

Weather at dawn

Continuing the article, the topic becomes an observation of the weather observed by the Brusk region during the early hours of Saturday. The calculated data is derived from the Groh Estações grid.

The table below shows a survey of minimum temperatures recorded shortly after dawn corresponding to each location described in the Appendix (in red). Also check the precipitation volumes shown until dawn (in blue):

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Brooks dawned on Saturday with a gray sky / Archive: Ciro Groh

Readers’ photos

Finally, follow the beautiful photos sent by our collaborators. The photos shown show how Shabbat began at each location mentioned in the caption.

Gabiroba in Botuverá / Archives: Marcos and Sonia Bianchesi
Terivas in Presidente Nerio / File: Margaretti Petri
Gabiroba in Botuverá / Archives: Marcos and Sonia Bianchesi
Terivas in Presidente Nerio / File: Margaretti Petri
Aymoré in Guabiruba / Archives: Orlanda Schlindwen

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