December 1, 2023
Verstappen beat Hamilton to lead free practice 1 in Abu Dhabi

Verstappen beat Hamilton to lead free practice 1 in Abu Dhabi

Max Verstappen liderou o TL1 em ​​Yas Marina (Foto: Mark Thompson/Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool)

VERSTAPPEN vs Hamilton: 2021 F1 decision coming | WGP

The first verb of the title decision Formula 1 In the 2021 season this happened on Friday afternoon (10) in Abu Dhabi and Kan Max Verstappen As the winner, the champions did not duel Lewis Hamilton. Or the pilot gives Red Bull He was fastest in Free Practice 1 at Yas Marina, clocking 1 minute 25 seconds 009, and was mostly fastest in the second sector of the track. In turn, the seven-time champion achieved his best lap with a time of only 0.033 slower than the Dutchman, but the lap was omitted because he overstepped the track. And so, Valtteri Bottas, who says goodbye mercedes This weekend he finished second on the schedule, followed by Hamilton in third.

It was a very time-balanced workout, with the top five separated by just 0 seconds 369. Sergio Perez He was only 0.008 slower than Hamilton and finished the session in fourth place, while Yuki Tsunoda It was the surprise of the afternoon when the score was only 0.015 of the Mexican and closed the top five Yas Marina.

Fernando Alonso He got sixth place with Alps, followed by AlphaTauri by Pierre Gasly. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, A Ferrari, finished the session in eighth and ninth places respectively, while Sebastian Vettel closed the top ten list, less than 1 second off the session leader. Training news was the presence of British South Korean Jack Aitken, who made TL1 with Williams Nowhere George Russell.

Max Verstappen;  Red Bull GP DE Abu Dhabi;  Yas Marina F1;  Formula 1;
Max Verstappen was fastest in the afternoon at Yas Marina (Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool)

a Formula 1 You will be accelerating again soon, from 10am (Brazilia, GMT-3) with free practice 2 at Yas MarinaAlways live broadcast via BandSports subscription channel and streaming service F1 TV Pro. a grand prize follow everything direct and continuous At present.

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The crucial and final weekend of the season opened with the two great rivals and two year champions feuding for first place in Freestyle 1 at Yas Marina. Lewis Hamilton, with the soft tyres, clocked 1min 27sec 148 and took the lead in the first minutes of the session. almost, Max Verstappen It went up 1min 26secs 463, also with the red vehicles, but then the seven-time champion tried to make the change at 1min 26secs 290 to resume the ten-minute lead of the TL.

For a brief few minutes, P1’s position was even an “intruder”: Fernando Alonso, K Alps And 1:26 seconds 271 as the best time at the time. But Verstappen is back on top with 0s544 faster than the two-time champion, making 1min25s602. After that, Hamilton tried to beat his rival, setting the best mark in the first sector, but missed in the last part of the lap and scored 1:25s820, enough to move up to second place.

Lando Norris;  McLaren.  F1;  Formula 1;  Abu Dhabi GP;
McLaren details for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Photo: McLaren)

After 20 minutes of training, Verstappen was in first place, followed by Hamilton, Sergio Perez, Valtteri Bottas, as Alps Alonso, Esteban Acon and Pierre Gasly, with A AlphaTauri, in the seventh.

Verstappen and Hamilton are back on the track for another series of fast laps. Max clocked 1 minute 25 seconds and 300 and cemented his status as practice leader with the best mark in Sectors 2 and 3. Lewis then extended a magenta – fastest time – in Sector One, but couldn’t improve his mark in the lap sequence and 0s252 was the contender’s mark.

Even with the better performance, Verstappen complained of an unusual steering wheel problem, which was a bit sloppy.

Ferrari.  Carlos Sainz F1;  Formula 1;
Ferrari did not do well in the first minutes of TL1 in Abu Dhabi (Photo: Ferrari)

When there is less than 30 minutes left to the end of training, the Red Bull He drove with Verstappen and Perez was third, while mercedes He appeared in second and fourth with Hamilton and Bottas respectively, while Gasly came in fifth with AlphaTauri. Attitude Ferrari, only in P14 and P15 with Carlos Sainz e Charles Leclerc and then.

Then Hamilton returned to the track with a new set of soft tyres. Once again, Lewis was able to achieve the best mark in the first sector of the track, but was not able to develop enough in the lap sequence to pass Verstappen. Although he had a faster time, the seven-time champion was 0.055 behind the opponent’s time.

On the other hand, Verstappen repeated his best performance in sectors 2 and 3 of the track and scored 1 minute 25 seconds 9 minutes to beat Hamilton 0s346 and consolidate his lead in the afternoon. Yas Marina.

Lewis made another attempt on a fast lap, improved again in sector one, lost time in the middle of the track, but improved at the end of the track. The Briton’s time was 0.033 slower than the Max, while Bottas climbed to third after leaving Perez behind in the timesheets. The surprise was Yuki Tsunoda In fourth place, at a steady pace, also ahead of the Mexican.

Only then was Hamilton’s time to overstep the track bound and he dropped to third place. Perez is back in fourth place after turning just 0.015 faster than Tsunoda, who dropped to fifth in the final stage of the afternoon session in Yas Marina.

Finally, after 60 minutes of activity, he Formula 1 It marked Verstappen’s victory in the first fight of the decisive round of the title match against Hamilton over the weekend in Abu Dhabi.

F1 2021, GP de Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina, TL1:

1 M Verstappen Red Bull Honda 1: 25.009 23
2 V Bottas mercedes 1: 25.205 +0.196 27
3 Hamilton mercedes 1: 25.355 +0.346.0000 25
4 S Perez Red Bull Honda 1: 25.363 +0.354 24
5 Wai Tsunoda AlphaTauri Honda 1: 25.378 +0.369.0000 23
6 and Alonso Alps 1: 25.625 +0.616 26
7 P flirtatious AlphaTauri Honda 1: 25.822 +0.813 28
8 C Leclerc Ferrari 1: 25.846 +0.837 20
9 Sea Signs Ferrari 1: 25.886 +0.877 26
10 S VETTEL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 26.007 +0.998 26
11 I Okon Alps 1: 26.025 +1.016 25
12 Norris McLaren Mercedes 1: 26.123 +1.114 26
13 K RÄKKÖNEN Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 26.189 +1.180 25
14 for Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 26.409 +1.400.0000 25
15 L STROLL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 26.608 +1.599 26
16 Di Ricardo McLaren Mercedes 1: 26.676 +1.667 29
17 J Aitken Williams Mercedes 1: 27,481 +2.472 27
18 N Latify Williams Mercedes 1: 27.487 +2.478 27
19 Schumacher mother Haas Ferrari 1: 27.698 +2.689 24
20 N MAZEPIN Haas Ferrari 1: 28.305 +3.296 22

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