May 28, 2023

Verstappen shoots at Hamilton after the race in Australia: ‘The rules are not followed’ – Formula 1 News

The competition is still on! Max Verstappen Complain about traffic Lewis Hamilton Still in the first round of Australian Grand Prix, who played on Sunday (2), accused the opponent of “not following the rules”. At that time, the Dutchman lost the lead George Russell He was squeezed by the seven-time champion in turn 3, and also conceded second place.

In Verstappen’s opinion, Hamilton didn’t give the RB19 #1 the minimum amount of room needed when he left to overtake. Max cited tempo Red Bull He took the opportunity to poke fun at the move, but said the act left him on alert for the championship races ahead.

“For my part, I tried to avoid contact,” he said. “The rules are a bit complicated in terms of what you can do when you’re out. That’s obviously not being followed, but that’s okay,” complained the winner of the dispute.

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Despite the reprimand, Verstappen won the second of three races of the season (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

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“We have a good pace and we beat it anyway. [Hamilton]“However, it is something to keep in mind for the next races,” he concluded.

Despite the complaints, Verstappen admitted that he avoided forcing contention at the start of the race, knowing that Mercedes He had less to lose than Red Bull – clearly the dominant force at the start of the 2023 season.

“It was a really bad start and I was careful in the first turn because I had a lot to lose – and they had a lot to gain,” he explained. “The pace of the car was fast, you could see that right away. I’ve been waiting for the DRS to open for a chance to overtake,” the driver concluded.

next step from Formula 1 It is scheduled to take place between April 28 and 30, with GP from Azerbaijan. The race to be held Bakuwill feature the first sprint of the season and full coverage of the jackpot.

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