December 3, 2023
Victim of Leandro Lehart Speaks Exclusively to Fantastic: 'The Beast Who Went Atrocities with Me in One Night' |  Nice

Victim of Leandro Lehart Speaks Exclusively to Fantastic: ‘The Beast Who Went Atrocities with Me in One Night’ | Nice

Rita spoke exclusively with reporter Valmir Salaro. She says that she started getting close to the musician in 2017.

She exchanged a letter praising his work. By inbox on one of the social networks, he ended up replying to me. When he saw that I was playing the piano and doing music there, he invited me to come to his house so I could visit the studio and play the piano,” Rita recalls.

The house is located in an upscale area north of São Paulo. After that, according to Rita, other meetings were held. In five of them, there was sexual contact. “She’s always so polite, so sweet, and so sweet,” says Rita.

But in 2019, she said she went through a violent and humiliating situation, a trauma from which she has yet to recover.

“He invited me to his room, which was upstairs. I agreed and went up. He stopped and asked: Shall we go to the bathroom and finish there? Because from there we can take a shower. I saw no grudge in him to leave the room and end the sexual relationship there in the bathroom,” says Rita .

In the bathroom, she claims that Leandro was aggressive, immobilizing her, and then committed a heinous and violent act.

“In my mouth. I already started to struggle, telling him to stop. And trying to get him away from me, but I couldn’t. He was still masturbating until he reached orgasm.”

She says Leandro is still being held in the bathroom for a long time.. According to Rita, after humiliation and abuse, Leandro called the app driver and let her go.

“I went straight to the bathroom. There on the floor, I broke down in tears and stayed there for a long time trying to clean myself, trying to get all that stench, that smell, brushing my teeth. There under the shower,” Rita remembers.

Since that day, Rita’s life has taken a turn for the worse. She lives with serious emotional problems, lost her job as an access control on the São Paulo subway, and even attempted suicide..

Singer-songwriter Leandro Lehart, from the group Art Popular. – Photo: clone / Instagram / personal group

In court testimony, the musician denied the allegations. He said the letters in which he admitted abuse did not reflect the truth. According to him, it was just a humanitarian aid to make Rita more comfortable, to welcome her and to make her forget her desire to kill herself.

The judge’s ruling in the case Leandro Lehart Charged with rape and false imprisonment for keeping victim Rita trapped in a bathroom. Total sentence: 9 years, 7 months and six days in prison. The musician can appeal freely. Understand the case and watch the full report in the video above.

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