December 8, 2022

Vidal from Flamengo is watching his father’s funeral live | flamingo

In Brazil after playing the first match in the final flamingo Against Corinthians in the Copa do Brasil, Arturo Vidal accompanied his father’s funeral in a live broadcast Thursday night. The father of the steering wheel, Erasmo Vidal, was found dead last Monday in Chile, where he is being buried.

Vidal is watching his father’s funeral in a live broadcast – Photo: clone

Arturo Vidal took an additional leave of absence from the football department of flamingo This Thursday. The players who entered the second half of the match against Corinthians, in the case of Chile, who did not participate, went to practice scheduled for 4 pm (GMT) at Ninho de Orobo.

Those who started playing the decision were released, however, Arrascaeta went to Ninho do Urubu for treatment. Joao Gomez, who was knocked out in the final and should be a starting player against Gallo, was also present at CT.

However, the management decided to give the steering wheel a break, especially after showing great professionalism on the eve of the first match of the Brazilian Cup final. Vidal lost his father, Erasmo, on Tuesday and learned the news after training at Ninho do Urubu. Despite the noise, he asked to be close. The decision left Dorival more comfortable to remove suspended Joao Gomez and replace him with an international without compromising the substitution.

Vidal vs Flamengo vs Corinthians – Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamengo

The football leadership and Dorival Jr even encouraged Vidal to go to Chile to accompany his father’s funeral and thus stay out of the match with Corinthians, but the player chose to follow up with the group, which made him win points with everyone else.

Vidal spent 36 minutes on the field. He missed only one attempt of 36 passes, finished once and made tackles twice. He won affection from fans in Rio, when the team sailed to Sao Paulo, and at the Arena Corinthians. After the match, even with his face that looked sad, he took pictures with many fans.

A lecture dedicated to Vidal

In the Pre-Corinthians X match flamingoDorival Jr. asked his players to leave everything on the field not only because of the obvious desire to be a champion, but mainly because of Vidal’s professionalism. The coach praised the accompaniment of the Chilean during the red and black stream.

Dorival also requested a handover in honor of Bruno Henrique, Rodrigo Caillou, Varela and Pulgar, who traveled with the team even without playing terms, but the letter from Chile is the protagonist. After the match, the coach expressed his admiration for the captain.

– He preferred to stay, of course he felt a lot, as we all feel. We respect the decision. He was certain when he decided. We had no arguments. He was a great man to all of us, which makes us respect him more and more because of the stand he took. Of manliness and dignity even in very difficult times. He thought of a whole group, knowing that he might not even be able to attend (the funeral).

Although he asked to play and show positive posts, it was clear that Vidal was disappointed. He showed this when he came down in Guarulhos, where flamingo I stayed focused.

In the pre-match, before Dorival’s speech, the Chilean was emotional in some moments of conversations with members of the delegation. On match day, he made a series of posts in honor of his father, the most notable of which was that he would miss messages of support before matches.

– Dad, today I will miss your letter of good luck before leaving, but I know that you will support us from above. Now we will win this cup and the next one. To you and everyone who supports me on a daily basis. we will flamingo! – Vidal netted him before the match.

Vidal honors his father before the Brazil Cup final – Photo: personal archive

This Thursday, just after 3:30 p.m., Vidal returned to post a message about his father. Thanks Corinth and flamingo To honor Erasmo Vidal on the New Coimica Arena.

Over the break, Vidal won points with Dorival Jr., club management and the fans. Demonstrations of affection continue even now. And this text is also not out of the loop:

Vidal thanks Corinthians and Flamengo for the on-track honor – Image: clone

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