November 30, 2023

Video: A camera on an American drone approaching a Russian fighter | world

A video shows a US drone colliding with a Russian fighter jet

The United States claimed on Tuesday (14) that a military drone “Reaper” crashed in the Black Sea after its propeller collided with a Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

The video released by the Pentagon shows how the Russian fighter approaches – at this moment, according to the United States, the plane deliberately collides with the drone, which begins to lose speed and then falls into the Black Sea near the peninsula. Crimea (See the video above).

Washington further claimed that prior to the alleged collision, Russian fighter jets Approach unsafe distances and even dumped fuel About the drone.

Moscow denied the collision They said the equipment fell into the water after making sudden movements.

A US MQ-9 drone in action – Photo: Business Wire / via AP

And the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the American drone was spotted near the Russian border and therefore the planes took off to confirm the situation.. The Russian news agency TASS denied the use of airborne weapons and contact with American equipment.

On Wednesday (15), the day after the incident, the Kremlin and the White House exchanged threats. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that after the incident, relations between the two countries were in a “deplorable” state and had fallen to an all-time low.

The image shows the moment a Russian fighter jet approaches a US drone over the Black Sea, on March 14, 2023. – Photo: Comando dos EsU.S. European Command/Handout via Reuters

This is the The first military incident involving the United States since Russia’s invasion UkraineFor more than a year, the case has raised fears of a conflict between Moscow and Washington — since the start of the war, the two countries have traded threats. The Kremlin constantly criticizes arms shipments to Ukraine by Western countries, especially the United States.