October 3, 2023
VIDEO: Celebrities go viral yelling "13" in Calderao and see the web Lola's campaign

VIDEO: Celebrities go viral yelling “13” in Calderao and see the web Lola’s campaign

An excerpt from the Caldeirão program on TV Globo, which was shown on Saturday (15), has spread on social media. In the video, guests of the board “Have or Not Have” shouted “13” as they answer the last question in the game.

In the taping, presenter Marcus Millon warned the “As Five” team, consisting of Anna Hekari, Daphne Bozsky, Gabriela Medvedovsky and Heslen Vieira, that they needed 13 points to win the match. The other team consisted of Gilles de Vigor, Camila de Lucas, and Joao and Vie-Tube, participants of BBB 21.

Soon, game participants began repeating the number 13 while waiting to see how many Brazilians responded with a “bottle of the bottle” as a gift people give to children. According to the program, 19 people answered “Bottle” and with this the team from the “As Five” series won the match.

On social media, netizens linked the number 13 participants’ enthusiasm to this year’s elections. Ex-President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva is expected to run for the position of leader of the Workers’ Party, whose number at the ballot box is 13.

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