November 30, 2022
Video: Extremely rare lightning with the appearance of "fireballs" in the sky |  strange |  Online diary

Video: Extremely rare lightning with the appearance of “fireballs” in the sky | strange | Online diary

The year 2021 contains an astrological calendar filled with important phenomena in every corner of the planet. Giant moons, eclipses, and meteor showers will make the sky an even more interesting and curious place for astrology enthusiasts. A rare and impressive phenomenon has also caught the world’s attention in the latest phenomenon.

A photographer recorded one of the planet’s rarest lightning strikes in the skies of Puerto Rico while taking pictures of an electrical storm overseas in the United States. Scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) praised the images of lightning, in the form of a jet of “fireballs”.

The author of the photos, Frankie Lucina, says he couldn’t believe the result he got when he saw the event. “This giant plasma jet event occurred during a very strong storm near the Virgin Islands, just before Tropical Storm Peter,” the photographer explained on his social networks. “I can’t believe I was able to capture such amazing detail.”

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“They seem to like storms over water and are notorious for surprising passengers on commercial planes,” Tony Phillips, a NASA scientist who studies the phenomenon, said in an article on the SpaceWeather website. Oscar van der Velde, a Ray scientist, from the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, also noted his experience with this phenomenon, praising Lucina’s achievement.

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According to meteorological firm MetSul, the lightning photographed by Frankie is considered “the longest on Earth” because it strikes the ionosphere, a layer of the atmosphere that is between 60 and 1,000 kilometers in height, and more than 80 kilometers in height. The first records of these events were made only in 2001 and 2002, near Taiwan and Puerto Rico.