July 25, 2024

Video: Fans accuse Dynho of touching Sthefane’s intimate part | farm 13

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Sthefane Matos e Dynho Alves em 'A Fazenda 13' (Foto: Reprodução/PlayPlus - Montagem/EM OFF)
Sthefane Matos e Dynho Alves em 'A Fazenda 13' (Foto: Reprodução/PlayPlus - Montagem/EM OFF)

Dynho Alves is not well respected outside’farm 13The dancer who is part of the country reality show still doesn’t know he’s single. MC Mirella, the artist’s ex-wife, known in the music world and a former Millionaire contestant, actually ends up with a pawn who’s still locked up and doesn’t know he’s single. On Wednesday night (1), a video clip showing the competitor and Sthefane Matos, better known as Sthe Matos, went viral on social media.

Program viewers and netizens who follow PlayPlus, streaming from Register, they accuse Dynho of allegedly putting one foot in the pool, in the intimate part of Sthefane Matos. The digital influencer and the dancer are tightly connected in the game and cause a lot of noise in the outside world. The video divided opinions, while for some it was just a game with the camera, for others it was something beyond friendship.

Another video that also messes with the head of a couch audience. Dynho Alves appears lying down, facing Sthefane Matos for a long time with the lights off, suddenly summoning a digital influential pawn with his hands to approach him. Siti, engaged to Victor Egoh, refuses and is still lying in bed. The close-up of the ‘friendly’ invitation from MC Mirella’s ex-husband is sharp.

Solange Gomes has become an agenda between best friends Dynho Alves and Sthefane Matos. The famous complained about Gugu’s former bathtub: ‘There’s no arguing, there’s no justification for talking about me, and he keeps making up this bunch of things. She said a lot of things about me yesterday, that my friends carry me around, and I don’t know what’s there. Just because I didn’t go to Roca and came back from three or four roaches? To her credit, she came back from all these gardens. Credit for winning the exams, for being here even now, for people to protect me too, for staying here.”

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Stefane Matos roared: “That’s why I don’t even play with it, it’s just a few words.” The game partner admitted that he actually trusted Solange Gomes: “I trusted her, I trusted her because of the relationship we were having. At parties brother how do I play with her. Bill plays with her like shit, making fun of her!” While chatting, the chosen “Paiol TikTok” grabbed the TV veteran.

“After a while you will say that you beat her, that you said that you will stay with her. You will say in a little while that you were bragging about her, that you did not respect your wife, and that you threw yourself at her.”, Sthefane Matos shoots Solange Gomes, former assistant to Gugu Liberato, in ‘A Fazenda’. Dynho Alves agreed: “Yeah, that’s what’s missing, just there to talk.”

Another heated conversation involving Sthefane Matos occurred with Dayane Mello. Dynho Alves and funk player MC Gui were also present at the treehouse. Dai asked the young man: “Hello, Titi, were you one of your friends, shy or more relaxed? I was ashamed of my four friends”. She answered on the tip of her tongue: “I was always shy, but I was able to do a lot.”

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