June 4, 2023

Video: Lions escape from cage and scare circus audience in China | capital Cities

The video shows the moment two lions escape through the bars of the cage and frighten the audience accompanying the show, in Luoyang, China.

During a circus performance in Luoyang, China, two lions escaped from the cage and caused panic in the audience accompanying the show, as reported by the British newspaper The Guardian. daily Mail This Tuesday (4/18).

In a video recording the moment, it is possible to see two men leading the parade and guiding the animals with a stick. Suddenly, the two lions escaped through one of the holes in the bars of the cage that separated them from the audience.

Check out the video below:

The show took place last Saturday (4/15). Hysteria gripped the audience, who began rushing out of the circus. After the cats escaped, one of the animals was still roaming the parking lot of the place.

The municipal government stated that the lions were captured 15 minutes after the incident. The Luoyang Publicity Department even issued a statement about the escape, warning that at around 10:45 am, during the rehearsal performance of the International World Summit Circus, “a lion accidentally escaped from its enclosure.”

He ordered the circus to stop the performances and correct the problems that led to the accident. Local authorities are investigating the circumstances of the accident.