June 6, 2023
O vídeo do striper foi reproduzido pela conta

Video of Brazilian stripper interrupts corruption hearing in Peru

Posted on 06/16/2022 20:18 / Updated on 06/16/2022 20:19

The video of the racket was copied on the account of “Assistencia Estúdio Espinoza Ramos”, owned by criminal attorney Benji Espinoza Ramos, who is working on the defense of Castillo in the case of involvement in a corruption scheme – Credit: Reproduction / Twitter

A video clip of Brazilian stripper Ricardo Milos cut short a virtual hearing on corruption in the Peruvian government, on Wednesday (15/6). Photos of the half-naked dancer, wearing only a thong and a red bandana on her head, were transmitted through the account of the office of the lawyer of Pedro Castillo, President of Peru.

The stripper video was reproduced by the “Assistência Estúdio Espinoza Ramos” account owned by criminal attorney Benji Espinoza Ramos, who works in defense of Castillo in case of involvement in a corruption scheme – With former Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva.

This fact occurred exactly at the time when attorney Samuel Rojas indicated the reasons for the investigation of President Castillo. During Rojas’ argument, images of Milos dancing in his swimsuit with the American flag printed were broadcast, causing the attorney general’s embarrassment. “The lawyer’s account shows us very suggestive images […] I do not know why “.

A lawyer for the Peruvian governor denied on Twitter that anyone from the office had taken part in transmitting the video. There is a systematic attack on the virtual masses in Peru. “The same video was broadcast today at the guardianship hearing (Pedro Castillo case) and at the hearing in the case of former President Ollanta Humala,” Espinosa said. According to him, many complaints about the same problem were lodged in other regions of the country. “Not only does this happen in symbolic case hearings, it’s an endless repetitive practice,” he claimed.

The photos are part of a video that ran for more than two minutes, which went viral in 2018 and became a meme among netizens. Castillo’s attorney argued that this same stripper was reproduced in pre-trial hearings and in two other cases of virtual hearings. According to Espinosa, this demonstrates the fragility of Peru’s online listening system. “It is important to consider the weaknesses of our country’s virtual audience system,” Benji said, hinting that transmission of the video would be the responsibility of the hacker attack.