July 15, 2024

Vietnam wants to ban the sale of cat and dog meat | Globalism

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Vietnam wants to ban the sale of cat and dog meat |  Globalism
Vietnam wants to ban the sale of cat and dog meat |  Globalism

Tourist city Vietnam committed to Banning the sale of cat and dog meatLocal authorities announced on Friday (10). This is the first time this has happened in the country where this kind of The practice is traditional.

In Vietnam – the second largest consumer of dogs in the world, after only China – more than five million units of these animals are consumed each year. By eating meat, bad luck is believed to pass away.

Authorities in Hoi An, a historic trading port and a UNESCO World Heritage site, have signed an agreement with animal rights group Four Paws International (Four Paws International) to ban the sale and consumption of this meat.

“We want to help promote animal welfare by eliminating rabies, ending the cat and dog meat trade, and turning the city into a major tourist destination,” said Deputy Mayor Nguyen The Hung.

This is a pivotal moment that will set an example for other cities in Vietnam, said Julie Sanders of Four Paws International.

A national survey commissioned by an animal rights group showed that only 6.3% of 600 Vietnamese interviewed consumed this type of meat and 88% supported a ban.

This tradition is in decline due to rising incomes, which favor the adoption of dogs and cats as pets, but dog meat is still easy to find in Hanoi.

“I don’t think anyone should ban the consumption of dog meat. It’s our culture,” Van Van Kong of Hanoi told AFP.

In 2018, city authorities encouraged residents to stop eating this meat because it damaged the reputation of the city and the capital and there were concerns it might cause rabies infection.

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