March 30, 2023
Viih Tube and Bruno Magri . break up

Viih Tube and Bruno Magri . break up

After about three years together, Viih Tube and Bruno Magri broke up. The end of the relationship was announced on Instagram.

“I don’t even know how to tell you this, but Bruno and I are no longer together. I didn’t know the right time to tell or how to do it, but then I realized there wouldn’t be a good time, it would be hard to announce it anyway,” began the ex –BBBAdding that the relationship ended “oddly well”.

And the funny thing is, it was a classic “we’re in different phases” thing. We have spent 3 years together, sharing a beautiful life and moments, I can’t help but remember us in this way, I am so grateful for that! And before they ask or worry, I’m fine! I am still young and not afraid of fate and what awaits me! Fieh Tube Books

She also thanked my current ex: “Bruno, thank you for being all that you’ve been to me, for all we learned together, for all the laughs, the trips, the changes, thank you for being such a mature, kind-hearted, so cool boy and I’ll be here, rooting for you from Far away, rooting for your dreams, rooting everything! And I want to remember us just like in this picture, thanks for being a part of me, “.

The influencer also spoke on his social network profile.

“Yes, life is full of emotions, and you have given me the best of me for the past three years. It was you who taught me what this love is. Being there, caring, feeling and making amends for the other if it was for the sake of Thank you for showing that side of myself Which I didn’t even know,” Bruno wrote.

Our cycle together ends here, but what never ends is the affection and admiration I feel. I will keep you in my heart with all the love in the world, because I want to remember us this way. Thanks for sharing life with me so far. Cheers from here.

in july, The couple faked the separation To promote the book “Cancelada”, written by the YouTuber.

Fake news is gaining traction on social networks and the simulation was revealed in a video previously posted by the BBB. Viih Tube wrote at the time: “On the Internet it is they who decide who they will hate and love. Sometimes, offline reality is not something they broadcast online. They are scraps. It is possible to manipulate everything.”