Vikings season 5: Ivar ready to make a human sacrifice in the trailer for the 13th episode !

The season 5 of the Vikings has taken over the past few weeks in the United States. Ivar will deploy all his madness in the next episode !

After a one year absence, the Vikings finally made its return with season 5. Ivar control Kattegat and the latter intends to reign in the terror ! Beware, the article contains spoilers !

Vikings : Ivar takes more and more power !

5 season of Vikings makes its return, and fans can already follow the reign of Ivar. The man has been able to beat Lagertha in the final of the mid-season. Since, the latter is installed in Kattegat, and he is determined to stay there and show everyone who is the king. In addition, in the episode last night, the latter announced to all that he had found the new queen !

Ivar does probably not even aware that it is done by Freydis. The woman seems to charm the man just out of interest and it could be a trap. In the meantime, Ivar account well be ruthless to its people. This could even go very far if we are to believe the trailer of the next episode of the 5 season of Vikings !

Vikings : Ivar ready to make a human sacrifice !

Ivar’s going to be more terrifying than ever before in the episode 13 of season 5. The latter will decide to honor the gods by making a human sacrifice. He thinks that he is part of the gods, and he wants to show to all the people of Kattegat. The trailer does not indicate who is going to get killed when to sacrifice. Nevertheless, the fans think Devin could be the one who will get killed.

In the trailer, Ivar seems to really scare everyone. It uses the possible ways to keep the crown. For its part, Ubbe and Torvi are going to try to make themselves heard and to find new men to defeat Ivar. Nevertheless, the whole world will not agree with their plan and this could badly unfold…

The next episode of Vikings will be held next Wednesday in the United States.


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