July 23, 2024

Vila Velha State Park wins “Unimed Space” | the network

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Vila Velha State Park wins "Unimed Space" |  the network
Vila Velha State Park wins "Unimed Space" |  the network

The installation of the structures will provide a comfortable environment in the middle of nature

Tourists who visit Vila Velha State Park from now on have “Unimed Space”, structures located along the path to provide an environment of comfort in the middle of nature.

The purpose of the environment is to enhance the visitors’ well-being and leisure time. “This is an important delivery within the scope of the partnership with Parque Vila Velha. The Unimed spaces provide a more comfortable experience for the visitor, providing an environment of comfort and shelter from sun or rain, making the tour more enjoyable”, says Unimed Marketing Director Ponta Grossa, Sandrey Anderson.

In addition to the two “Espaço Unimed” buildings installed along the road, the cooperative provided educational boards along the way. The goal is to promote a change in healthy habits, such as outdoor exercise, daily use of sunscreen, all-day hydration and other measures that contribute to health.

Partnership between Parque Vila Velha and Unimed Ponta Grossa

Since October 2021, the “Arenitos Trail” in Parque Vila Velha has received a special “nickname” and has been renamed “Arennetos Trail Unimed Ponta Grossa”.

Partnership is part of collaborative social and environmental actions that seek to promote health, change habits, and increase environmental awareness. According to the current director of Unimed, Eduardo BasillaThis is an unprecedented initiative in the unified system. “We are a healthy cooperative whose mission is to take care of people. We understand that caring for people also means being able, in a way, to take care of where they live. Through this partnership, we strengthen the relationship between our goal and one of the principles of cooperation, which is the interest in society,” he highlights .

Informative: Press Office.

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