Vincent Berthiaume is promised for the next season

Vincent Berthiaume s’en promet pour la prochaine saison

Rookie of the year in class sportsman in 2018 at the Autodrome Granby, Vincent Berthiaume is going to run more short track — and therefore much less often in the next season.

Berthiaume has put in the time to make public his program of races of 2019, for the simple reason that he first had to receive the OK from his doctors. For those that they might ignore, the young Granbyen has suffered a concussion and was wounded in one arm during the last event of the season in the STR in the month of September at RPM Speedway.

“The fall has not been easy, admits this very beautiful hope of the stock-car. It was difficult at school because of symptoms related to the concussion and I had to work four times harder then to make up for lost time. But now, everything is fine, I am 100% recovered and I very much look forward to the next season. “

The studies are very important for the pilot of 16 years, who have a dream to be nothing less than a neurosurgeon. But he dream of a career in NASCAR. If it reaches its objectives, it will be our Laurent Duvernay-Tardif to us !

In the Bas-Saint-Laurent

Vincent Berthiaume is going to do a lot of driving the next summer. Because you see, it will play the entire championship in sportsman at the Autodrome BSL, located in Saint-Eugène-de-Ladrière, thirty minutes from Rimouski. Still aboard his sportsman, he will also take part in some events at the RPM Speedway and one or two at the Autodrome Granby.

“Peter Won, several times champion in sportsman at the Autodrome BSL, will prepare the car and gave me the frame,” says the teenager of 16 years old. I’ve had some good discussions with him and it really clicked between us. This association is promising. You will see me less in Granby, it is true, but it is an adventure that promises to be positive for the rest of my career. “

But here, Berthiaume will also continue to run in STR, a category in which he had been rookie of the year in 2017.

“I still have fun in STR. These are cars that I like and that I have a lot of fun to drive. In addition, I join the team, Samson Racing, which has dominated the category last year. “

Aboard his STR, he’s going to run at the Autodrome BSL, at the Autodrome St-Guillaume as well as events planned at Autodrome Drummond, who can fit into his schedule.

“It’s going to be a big summer, with a diversified program, but it might be a very good summer. When you enjoy doing something, you never have enough. “

Wednesday, Berthiaume was preparing to leave for the dominican Republic with his parents. The sun and the warmth with which he was preparing to return gave him even more the taste of the races.

“I’m so looking forward to spring ! “, he insists.

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