December 2, 2022
Vini Buttel is crossed off from A Fazenda 14 with 21.14% of the vote - A Fazenda 14

Vini Buttel is crossed off from A Fazenda 14 with 21.14% of the vote – A Fazenda 14

farm 14 Come to an end for Vinnie Patel! The pawn was the sixth to be eliminated from the competition in Thursday’s live show (27), with 21.14% of the vote. The influencer lost the dispute to favor the audience over Barbara Burgess and Petala Barreros, in a vote held in

Roça was formed last Tuesday (25). Lucas, Farmer of the Week, nominated my door Directly to the first bank in Roca. Lampião do Poder owner Kerlin has opted to keep Shamma Britawhich granted him immunity.

After a frantic vote, Vini took the second seat with seven votes. then, Petal unlocked the power of the green flame that Kerlin receivedand went directly to the third bank.

The pawn started in Resta One and It was Deborah’s last choice: Save Pele or Reid from Mars. She chose to save her friend and sent the singer to another vacancy in Roca. To close the formation, Pele intercepted Vini da Prova do Fazendeiro.

Despite being pretty straightforward, Vinnie ended up stumbling over his words multiple times during the reality show, and got involved in controversial issues. The influencer’s trajectory was intense and battles and close-ups fought worthy of being a “master”.

After the first party of the season, Vinnie and Alex Gallett had a great fight After the influencer accuses the presenter of setting fire to the argument between Kerline and Deolane. Finney was also uneasy about the punishment caused by the pawn, who drank the drink until he thirsts. The result was yelling, swearing, with barn right in hand and stare.

In the first formation of Roca, Despite voting for Kerline, Vini clashed with Deborah and Alex. “You are an angry little lion when you want to be, a defenseless deer when you want to be, and a hyena Jeff whispered,” Vini shot the pawn. The word “gazelle” caught on badly between the participants and the relationship between the two worsened.

There was another clash between the pawns in the dynamics of the ranchometer. Vinnie was put on the pulpit of “Cobra Caninana” by Alex, who snarled: “From the gazelle to the serpent.” The influencer already put Deborah on “Tá no Spa” and drew criticism: “You’re wearing clothes that even my 16-year-old niece wouldn’t.”causing a revolt among the knights.

In the second rocha, farmer Shay pointed to Vini. The pawn was very nervous and answered the vote with insults. However, the influencer managed to escape from Roca After winning the farmer’s trialin a dispute between Ingrid and Russian.

On the night of her victory, Ingrid was angry at the new farms and Throw animal dung into Vini’s clothes box! When he learned what had happened, the two even argued that the influencer called the pawn naughty, as well as “grabbing” her makeup bag. the next day, Keep delegating nonsense Ingrid refused to apologize to him.

Vini was dismissed from the farmers’ trial, fell into Roça and was saved by the public. On your way back to headquarters, The celebration was such that it caused punishment. The allies of his group A shouted, jumped and banged the pots, While making fun of the opponents.

In the next Rocha, another confusion occurred after Shay’s return. Vinnie didn’t like being called a “lollipop” pawn. And he went to reconcile with him. Deolane’s return ignited more walkers, resulting in Tiago and Shay being expelled from the program.

In recent days, Group A has gone through some internal crises. Recalling the confusion that led to the expulsions, Strawberry came out in defense of Shay and criticized some of the positions of the group themselves. Vini didn’t like it and faced peoa’s comments.

Vini was once again rejected by Farmer’s Proof, fell into the spotlight once again and said goodbye to rustic reality after losing the public’s preference for Babi and Petala. Now how will the game be? Stay tuned for reality!

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