February 1, 2023
Vinicius Patel is suddenly kicked out of the race for too much talk on TV news

Vinicius Patel is suddenly kicked out of the race for too much talk on TV news

The remaining pawns are in farm 14 This Saturday (10) participated in a surprise quiz, where they found participants who were eliminated from this season of the program. Vinicius Patel He was in a dynamic, but was fired before the end for talking too much and revealing outside information.

Playplus did not send the test, but the five pawns still in the game commented on what happened when they returned to the headquarters. Pelé Milvoz was the winner of the race and was delighted to discover, among those eliminated, that all was well here.

he said to Iran Malfitano🇧🇷 previously Bea Miranda I learned from Vinicius Patel how her boyfriend Gabriel Rosa is doing.

Vinny said he’s in Sao Paulo at Petala’s house [Barreiros]That her mom gave him her cell phone. Someone asked him if he cheated on me, and he said no.. behave yourself there, be polite. Gabriel was the thing I reassured now. “Everyone is the same and the family is united,” she said.

However, for opening its mouth beyond what was permitted, the model was pulled from testing through production. Ejected pawns echoed. Iran said, “Fuck it.” “Gabriel is here in São Paulo at Petala’s house,” Vinnie said. “I think he was,” Pia speculated, about what would have caused the former participant to be asked to opt out.

Milliflose pellet He seems to have another opinion. He commented, “I think it would have been something else, if it weren’t so bad, too.” The singer suggested that perhaps Vini was talking about someone who is a favorite to become a hero.

Check out the videos of pedestrians’ reaction when they learn about outside information: