September 21, 2023
Virginia Fonseca: Why was the influencer banned from TikTok?

Virginia Fonseca: Why was the influencer banned from TikTok?

It was Virginia Fonseca Banned for the second time from TikTok on Friday (15). Unaware that her account would be suspended from the app, she took the influencer who is pregnant with her second child, I was stunned when I realized what had happened.

Surprised, Virginia posted stories saying she was suspended because “Forum Guidelines Violations”. “I agree with how the account was blocked on the app next door. Oh, that was crazy, OK,” she wrote, who went through a string of work in progress during a trip to the US last week.

Virginia suspended her account the next day Reaching the number of 31 million followers on the platform.

On Saturday (18), Virginia celebrated the return of the profile to the app. Zee Felipe’s wife wrote: “My account is back. Gloria. Who noticed all the trouble happened to me at once? Then everything was settled.”

He married Virginia Fonseca for the third time

Virginia Fonseca and Zee Philip decided to get married during a trip to Las Vegas, USA. to the wedding, Virgínia and Zé opted for a very casual look: she wore a purple coat with a skirt and opted for a sweatshirt with a hood. Both were in tennis. “Getting married in Vegas is like getting married this way! If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be already drunk!” , the influencer said jokingly.

accompanied by family and friends, Virginia and Zee arrived in a limousine at the wedding chapel. Despite it being the third marriage, she admitted, “I’m nervous, I think I’d be ashamedAfter the marriage, the couple and their guests went on a nightclub bus to celebrate in a restaurant.

Excited about the ceremony, the two are already thinking about the next place where they will get married. “Where will the next wedding be?” Virginia asked. “Wherever you want, you are in charge,” replied Zi Felipe. “I am already planning a trip to Greece to get married again.”The young woman joked.