December 9, 2022
Vitor Kley faz turnê nos Estados Unidos depois de sucesso absoluto em Portugal

Vitor Clay is touring America after a complete success in Portugal

“Oh Soulsee If You Don’t Forget and Light Me Up I Need You Here” (Witter Clay) Singer…

“The sun
Don’t forget to enlighten me
I need you here” (Victor Clay)

Singer Vitor Clay represents a new generation of Brazilian pop rock that comes with a world-conquering breath. After success in Brazil and Portugal, Vitor has a schedule of shows in the US in October 2022. For fans of Vitor Clay, save the date, on the 6th he plays at Malton MA, 665 Broadway, Malton, MA 02148, USA, show from 7:30pm to 11:59pm. and 7th in New York: 44 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016, USA. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the website at the end of this article.

In August, Vitor performed his songs cover to cover in Portugal, Na Baia de Cascais, to an audience of 40,000.

According to Witter’s brother and manager Bruno Clay, this will be Witter’s first tour in America, “He’s excited to be doing a bubble tour to America! It’s great to be able to leave our country and take our message to other countries and cultures!

Asked if there would be anything special about the show, Bruno replied that the possibility of performing in the capital of the world was very special, something that was even more special for Witter: “There is something more special than having a show. A landmark country in entertainment?! Being in America is a dream!!! Our platform is everyone’s platform! If I meet some friends there, we will be amazed! declares very enthusiastically.

Regarding the schedule of events, the manager reveals, “The schedule is beautiful! After we got through the pandemic, we bring everything! He has toured all corners of Brazil, from north to south, Portugal, with more than 10 shows this year, a super show at Rock in Rio’s Sunset stage, and now he’s heading to America. There’s a lot going on this year! 2022 looks great… think about 2023!!!”

Vitor Klay has been successful in Brazil and Portugal, where he already has a solid fan base.

This month the artist performed at Rock in Rio, on the Sunset Stage, alongside Di Ferrero. The show was put together with a two-artist set in mind and presented with two bands on stage.

Oh, sun, don’t you forget me and light me up, I need you here. This is Vitor Clay’s most famous song

In August, Vitor performed in Na Baia de Cascais, Portugal, to an audience of 40 thousand who sang his songs from beginning to end.

The singer already plans to spend the European summer in 2023 with at least 15 shows in Portugal along with other European countries. The singer advises.

Mr. Groove Productions and Jump Brazil have jointly organized the US show. They promise a great event, and everyone is invited to sing along with Witter:

“Every time you go out
The world is distracted
Who stays, stayed
Who’s Gone, Gone, Gone” (Witter Clay)

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