February 5, 2023

Vitor Pereira arrives in Rio and explains his choice with Flamengo

Coach Vitor Pereira arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Monday morning, around 6:20 am, to sign a contract and start his career at Flamengo. The bond is valid for one season. After the turbulent departure CorinthiansThe Portuguese explained the change.

“This is exactly what brought me, these great challenges ahead that brought me to Flamengo. The decision was based mainly on the possibility of fighting for many titles. It gives me great pleasure to be here. A great satisfaction that we accept this great challenge, with responsibility and commitment. Let’s respond By working with the confidence that the club has placed in our work.”And the Vitor Pereira, in an interview with FlaTV.

  • Vitor Pereira was greeted at the airport by Mario Montero, the physical trainer who was part of Jorge Jesus’ commission, and assistant Rui Quinta. The new coach is going to Ninho do Urubu in the afternoon.
  • “Naturally, 10 months in Brazil allowed me to get to know the teams, and also Flamengo, to get to know the players. It’s an advantage I honestly didn’t have a year ago, but now I do.”
  • “Great expectations and a lot of illusion in terms of creating football that satisfies players and fans”