December 9, 2023
Vitor Pereira praises Yuri Alberto as 'important for the future'

Vitor Pereira praises Yuri Alberto as ‘important for the future’

Striker Yuri Alberto was once again the name of the Corinthians match. goal recorder who secured Victory over CiaraVitor Pereira praised the athlete after the match.

The shirt 9 is well placed inside the area to push the ball into the back of the net in a scrambled motion. With ten goals in 26 games for the club, the athlete was one of the highlights of the team and was praised by the Corinthians coach.

Yuri is a very important player, which is nothing new, just look at his development in the team. I’m convinced that if we hadn’t had the problem we had, we would have played most of the season without a striker, with Roger adapting as a striker, we would have lost Joe, then Junior. Moraes practically did not have the whole season, so I imagine what the season would have been like if we had Yuri from the start,” the Portuguese started at a press conference.

It is noteworthy that Yuri Alberto does not belong to Corinth. The striker is, in fact, on loan from Zenit until the beginning of July 2023. Questions about Corinthian’s possibility of getting the 9 jersey, Vítor Pereira did not give any guarantees, but predicted a good future for the young player.

“For his quality and age, Yuri He has the potential to be a top level player in my opinion. And therefore, It’s very important for the future, but it’s not our future, it’s on loan. we will seeadded the Portuguese.

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