October 3, 2023
Vítor Pereira prioritizes the final and admits to saving the Brazilian Corinthians

Vítor Pereira prioritizes the final and admits to saving the Brazilian Corinthians

Focus on the final Brazil CupCoach Vitor Pereira has admitted the possibility of continuing to spare players in Corinthians In the Brazilian Championship.

In an interview at the headquarters of the Joint Border Force, shortly after Draw for field orders for decisions against FlamengoThe Portuguese realized the risks, but made it clear that priority would be given to the games scheduled for October 12 (at the New Quémica Arena) and 19 (at the Maracana).

“Of course, the result is that we are not as competitive as we wanted in Brazil. This happened, for example, in the last match [derrota por 1 a 0 para o América-MG]. Actually we have to do some management. We have experienced players, who need good management, in order to reach this strong decision. Even with some risks, as happened in the last match, this is the only way. If they play continuously, they will not reach the decision alive, at their best,” said Vitor Pereira.

The Corinthians coach also commented on the fact that he led Timao to the final two years later and assessed the club’s trajectory at the Copa de Brazil.

“I’ve reached many finals, but it’s special. It’s not easy to get to Brazil and in a few months, in a certain reality. Atlético joThen we discovered Fluminense, and it wasn’t easy. It was a journey that took a lot of work and you deservedly got to the final. Very happy to reach the final in Brazil in a few months,” concluded VP.

Until the final against Flamengo, Corinthians had played for Brazil four times: Atletico-Go (at home), Cuiaba (at home), Juventus (away) and Atletico PR (at home).