November 30, 2023
Vladimir Prishta reveals how he knew he'd act with his daughter in a TV series: Surprise TV News

Vladimir Prishta reveals how he knew he’d act with his daughter in a TV series: Surprise TV News

child of The more life the better! Vladimir Brechta is surprised to learn that his daughter Agnes Brechta will play his heiress in the TV series Seven O’Clock. In an interview with Encontro com Fátima Bernardes this Monday (22), the translator revealed that the eldest was chosen by the acting producer, without his interference.

The artist explained that a Globo employee found Agnes’ work on the Internet and was delighted with her talent. However, before sending an invitation to audition, the professional found out about the relationship between father and daughter: “It was a surprise when the producer called me,” the actor said.

On the call, the professional asked if Brichta had any restrictions on working with his daughter. However, the translated idea encouraged and gave the go-ahead so that Agnes could try her luck at seven o’clock.

Then I passed, and he took an audition and took part in the TV series. [É um] Great pride. She’s so beautiful how she was in the first day and now [com] Evolution ”, commented Father Owl, about the first work of the actress in a television series.

In the plot of seven o’clock, Agnes plays Martina. The girl is one of the daughters of player Ninem and she loves football like her father. She dreams of playing professionally and being a sports star. The girl has an explosive and very devoted personality.

A veteran of TV series, Britcha revealed that he also made sure to give some advice to Agnes and other rookie actors while recording the series.

“It’s been 20 years since I’ve been making TV series. I’ve given it a twist, [de] Some practical things I did. Not only with her, but with Sarah [Vidal, que intepreta Bianca, outra filha de Neném] Also, “It’s over.

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