August 17, 2022
'Voices of War': Fabulous is following the ICRC's humanitarian work in Moldova |  Nice

‘Voices of War’: Fabulous is following the ICRC’s humanitarian work in Moldova | Nice

The war in Eastern Europe also seriously affects neighboring countries Ukraine. One is tiny Moldova, one of the poorest countries on the continent, but it has opened its doors to refugees.

Journalists Alvaro Pereira Jr. and Wellington Almeida follow the humanitarian actions of the International Committee of the Red Cross on the border between Moldova and Moldova. Ukraine. They find families wracked by conflict, fragile patients in need of emergency rescues, and a young team willing to take risks to save lives.

Since the forces of the Russian leader Russian President Vladimir Putin conquered Ukraine, about 450,000 refugees entered Moldova. Most of them went to other countries, but there are still about 80 thousand.

Moldova, also called Moldova, is located in Eastern Europe. It is slightly larger than the state of Alagoas. It’s a limit Romania and with Ukraine. The main language is Romanian, followed by Russian. It was a Soviet republic between 1940 and 1992, the year the United Nations recognized it as an independent country.

It is one of the poorest, if not the poorest, countries in Europe.

Today, about a third of Moldova’s population lives abroad, mainly in the European community, of which Moldova is not a part. With war around the corner UkraineThe economic situation has become more dangerous. But the country opened its doors to refugees.

We arrived in Moldova at the end of February, as soon as the war broke out Ukraine. It was a small group, of six people, but we now have about 35, for reasons we’re seeing in the news,” Sarah explains.

Sarah worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross for five years.

Alvaro Pereira Jr.Was there a story from this war that affected you the most?
Sarah: many, but what moves me the most are the frail old people over 80, from whom we save Ukraine. Suddenly they had to flee their homes because they are close to the front line. And then you have to decide what you should take. I remember a little man who kept looking, looking, and deciding to take just one red suitcase.
Alvaro Pereira Jr.: Because?
Sarah: Sometimes I wake up at dawn and think about it.

Watch the first episode of “Sounds of War” in the video above.

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