October 2, 2022
Volkswagen launches truck subscription program

Volkswagen launches truck subscription program

Share car rental is a common practice around the world, but now innovation must prove to be a hand at the wheel for those who need a truck. Did Volkswagen make a file a program Sign up to rent this type of vehicle. Check out how the VW Truck Rental business model works.

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According to the German manufacturer, the idea of ​​a truck rental subscription program comes with a proposal to facilitate fleet management. company first Auto-Brazil to provide service.

Truck rental

With the VW Truck Rental service, the truck subscription program should favor small businesses, as well as self-employed professionals. Especially those who find it difficult to get credit and renew their fleet. Hiring Truck Rental is now available in 150 dealership stores across Brazil.

Those who want to rent a truck will have six Volkswagen models available. While the service is advertised and known across the country, the company has selected a hundred cars for hire, but it can a plus This figure is easily customized to the service.

Among the advantages of renting these cars, we have the use and use of modern vehicles with a basic insurance package Technologies The most recent. One of them is the telemetry of vehicles. This is nothing more than a system capable of collecting data on various vehicles. For example: location, speed and even engine temperature.

According to the announcement by Volkswagen, the truck rental subscription program will have packages ranging from 3,679 reais to 15,999 reais per month. In addition, the a necklace It lasts for up to 60 months.

Find out which models are available for rent:

  • Volkswagen Express Delivery and 11,180;
  • Constellation 17190 solid, 24280 and 25460;
  • Meteorite 28460.