September 29, 2023
Vote for him Bruno, Deborah and Thiago.  Know who's staying · TV news

Vote for him Bruno, Deborah and Thiago. Know who’s staying · TV news

first rock farm 14 has been defined yet Cheyenne Haqben wins farmers’ trial This Wednesday (21). Bruno Talamo, Deborah Albuquerque and Thiago Ramos are at risk of disqualification in a reality show for a record. Who is the contender for the 1.5 million Brazilian riyals prize? Vote in the poll the news at the end of this text.

The row over Headquarters hat required that Bruno, Deborah, and Chai take “cattle” that had escaped from the farm to the stable. It was necessary to have agility, attention and purpose to complete the circuit, as all three had to connect the animals. Whoever finishes the mission first, with ten cows in the stable, wins.

Thiago could not participate in the farmer’s trial, as he was denounced from the dynamics by Bruno.

Back at the headquarters, the three cultivators built up their defenses and asked for public support. “I want to humbly ask everyone watching me to give me another chance. In these past few days, I’ve been able to make the right decisions, and define my path in the game. I’m sure I have a lot of content to offer,” Bruno said.

“Okay, guys, Brazil, you know my dream was to be here at A Fazenda. It’s not easy guys, it’s very difficult, but it’s worth it. I’ll fight bravely to survive, because braba has a name,” Deborah asked then, it’s Deborah Albuquerque. Vote, vote.”

Finally, Thiago made his request to the audience: “I only know how difficult it is to be here. It was difficult to make this decision to participate and show who I really am. Personal therapy”, said Neymar’s ex-husband.

Vote on the farm


Who should stay at A Fazenda 14 in 1 Roça?

According to the first part of the survey for the newsWhich has garnered over 13,000 votes as of this text’s last update, Deborah has 39.57% of the audience’s picks to stay, in a technical tie with Thiago who has 39.25%. Bruno comes in third with 21.18% of the nominations, and is in danger of being disqualified.

In the UOL poll, which collected more than four thousand votes, the end result is the same. The ex-couple comes out on top, with 42.73%, and follows the pattern, with 38.81% of the vote remaining, respectively. Bruno came last with just 18.44%.

The polls are not scientific in nature, they only depict a tendency on the part of the viewers of A Fazenda. The official result of the first swidden is obtained by voting on the R7 portal and you will know after Adriane Galisteu’s speech on Thursday edition (22).

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