July 14, 2024

VP says: ‘I thought Brazil would be easier’

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VP says: 'I thought Brazil would be easier'
VP says: 'I thought Brazil would be easier'

Vitor Pereira was surprised at football Brazilian. Technical Corinthians He said again this evening (22), after 1-0 victory over Santos At Vila Belmiro, who expected to find less tactical complexity in the clubs here.

“Once I arrived I already said that I don’t see much, that I only saw Brazilian Championship to meet the players. I didn’t look closely at the teams tactically, and thought I’d find a tournament less difficult. But this tournament is very difficult,” the Corinthians coach admits, listing the factors: the calendar, the temperature, the differences between the teams.

“The Santos game is very different from the Flamengo game, and that’s without time to work. This is a very difficult tournament. In four days we will have a completely different opponent, FluminenseWhich forces us to change many things. So it’s a very demanding tournament. I admit that surprised me, because I thought it was a little easier,” VP said at his press conference.

“And now we have Fluminense, and that’s another business,” the coach commented minutes later. One answered, “Then a flamingo,” and VP put his hand on his forehead in agony. “Something easier could come, right? Corinthians are suffering. I’ve suffered in many places, but here?” VP joked.

Corinthians receive Fluminense at 21:30 (Brasilia time) this Wednesday (26), in the 34th round of Brazil. It’s a direct duel for G4, it’s ultimately the showdown between fourth and fifth.

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