January 31, 2023
Vtor Pereira confirms Corinthians' offer to renovate and says he will make a decision at the end of the year

Vtor Pereira confirms Corinthians’ offer to renovate and says he will make a decision at the end of the year

After the classification of Corinthians in the Brazilian Cup with a 4-1 crushing Atlético JoCoach Vitor Pereira spoke about the opportunity to renew his contract with Timao. The Alfinegro coach confirmed that there is a proposal for renewal by the club.

The words that the coach said in the post-match press conference confirm what was announced Wednesday, before the match, that the coach was guaranteeing regardless of the result on the field. In addition, renovation planning with the coach has also been reported.

Vitor revealed that Duelio’s proposal came after the defeat in the derby against Palmeiras last weekend. According to Vitor Pereira, the conversation with the president of Alfinegro proves the merit that the group and artistic committee have occupied.

I’ll first admit one thing: the president didn’t just tell the reporter that. He also told me, even after the defeat to Palmeiras. “If you want to renew the contract, renew it today.” Therefore, this balance I say, which can only be achieved in a support environment, it is possible to transform the defeat and after four days transform the team and give this answer. Things are consistent, it just happens, but it doesn’t just happen after the victory, it came to me (this letter from Duilio) after the defeat. This is the merit“, He said.

Vitter Pereira has a contract with Corinthians until the end of the 2022 season. The coach stated that despite the good atmosphere at the club, a decision to renew would be made at the end of the year.

As for the (renewal) decision, I said when I arrived that I would wait until the end of the year and then we would talk as friends as I always say, because more than… I feel friendship, I feel friendship with everyone, I feel in a family environment, they treat me well. So let’s sit down and analyze what was and was not done, and then we will understand the club’s point of viewMy family and I then make the right decisions,” the vice president concluded.

Ranked in the Brasil Cup, Corinthians now faces Fluminense In the semi-finals of the competition. The disputes were scheduled for August 24 and September 14. VP also orders Brazilian Timão. The team’s next appointment is Sunday, 6pm, against Fortaleza, in Castellao.

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