February 8, 2023
Vyni promises to leave 'How to take care of Eli' list if he is excluded from BBB 22 TV News

Vyni promises to leave ‘How to take care of Eli’ list if he is excluded from BBB 22 TV News

walled week in bb 22, Vinicius Fernandez promised to leave a list of tips on how to take care of her Eliezer Netto In case he was left out of the Globo reality show. Ciara’s comment infuriated Giselan Alves: “Excuse me,” the teacher complained in the early hours of Tuesday (15).

During a conversation with Jesse and Natalia Deodato, the law graduate showed that he was worried about the possibility of leaving the program and losing days of living with the entrepreneur. Promise “I’ll leave you a list.” Vinny. Natty replied, “You don’t need to. You don’t need to make a list at all. Stop it.”

“What are you going to make a list with?” asked Giseilan. Natty replied, “How do you take care of Ellie. Can you believe it?” “For God’s sake, Vinnie. Save me,” the teacher said afterwards.

In a hot spot of the week, Ceará native Gustavo Marsengo and Pedro Scooby are up against him, but he’s taking a big risk leaving the dispute for a R$1.5 million prize precisely because he became Eliezer’s shadow during his time at Big Brother Brasil 22.

In the early hours of the morning last Monday (14), Vinnie even asked to sleep with the businessman And even asked the ally some foreplay it. “Shall we have a spoon for ten seconds?” the boy suggested. Quietly, Eli agreed to the request.

“There, Brazil. It’s the moments that fans of Elicius shipp have been waiting for, who wasn’t even there…no pillow,” Vyni said. “There is no pillow,” replied the designer. “Where’s the smell here?” asked the man from Ciara. Pointing to his neck.

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