Wage increases to 2019 : forecast

Augmentations salariales 2019 : les prévisions

This is a 2.6% wage increase provided to give organizations in québec next year, according to salary projection 2019 of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés.

A survey CROP-CRHA conducted in August among a sample of 568 employees reveals that they were rather expected to receive a wage increase of the order of 1.7 %, but that they felt they, however, deserve to 3.5 % (3.3% for women and 3.6 % among men). This means that the actual increases are substantially mid-way between the expectations and hopes of employees in quebec.

“Due to the current context of shortage of labour, employers are under pressure and will rise more strongly on their offers of salary in order to attract and retain their workforce, explained Manon Poirier, director general of the Ordre des CRHA by way of a press release. It is therefore possible that real increases in 2019 will be higher than expected. “

To give an order of magnitude, the expected increase of 2.6 % is equivalent to the employers at an average annual cost of an additional $ 152 per employee earning a salary of $ 40,000, if believed by the Conseil du patronat du Québec.

Variations relatively fair and stable

Forecasts of wage increases in Quebec are quite stable over the past few years. In 2017 and in 2018, they were 2.5 % while in 2016, they were 2.6 %.

This year, the jobs in the sector “general government (municipal, provincial and federal)” are those for which is provided for the more meager increase, or 2.3 % if we include the wage freezes. Conversely, the jobs in “professional, scientific and technical” are the ones who fare the best, with 3 %.

“Due to the current context of shortage of labour, employers are under pressure ”

Manon Poirier, director general of the Ordre des CRHA

Overall, the positions designated “Senior management executives” and “Other managers and professional staff” should receive a 2.7 % increase, while jobs in “Operations and production” will receive 2.5 %, and those in ” administrative and technical Support “, with 2.6 %.

At the canadian level

According to Statistics Canada, the average weekly earnings of Québec is 919 $, while it is 988 $ for the set of employed canadians.

When it is a question of net income (after tax), the province of Quebec comes, however, at the last place among the canadian provinces and territories with a median household income at $ 52 207 $.

In comparison, the market basket measure, based on the cost for a household of two adults and two children with food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and other items of first necessity is to 36 950 $ in the metropolitan area.


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