September 24, 2023
Wagner passes Ralph and enters the top 3 Corinthians in the Brazilians;  See the list

Wagner passes Ralph and enters the top 3 Corinthians in the Brazilians; See the list

Right-back Wagner achieved an important achievement in the derby match against Palmeiras, last Saturday, at the New Coimica Arena. In Corinthians’ victory over arch-rivals, the defender scored his 230th match for Corinthians in the Brazilian Championships, becoming third in this category.

This number made him trumpet another very important name in Timão’s recent history: Ralf. The defensive midfielder left the club in 2020 with 229 games played in the Alvengra shirt.

Created in Timão’s base classes, the player is now competing for the ninth edition of the tournament wearing the Alvengra jersey. The journey began in 2006, when he debuted as a professional, and has not been interrupted since 2014, when he returned to the club where he trained as a player.

With 230 games, Wagner stands behind only two club legends on the fixture list for the main national competition: left-back Vladimir, with 267 appearances, and goalkeeper Cassio, who has selected 304 games to date.

Since the tournament only started in the round and back in 2003, many of the athletes who played in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s have numbers unmatched with those of the last generation. To give you an idea, we describe the top 10 players who played for Corinthians from 2010 onwards.

More matches in the Brazilian Championship

  1. Cassio – 304 games
  2. Vladimir – 267 matches
  3. Wagner – 230 games
  4. Ralph – 229 games
  5. Ronaldo Giovannili – 206 games
  6. Danilo – 194 games
  7. Faguinho – 191 matches
  8. Jill – 190 games
  9. Ze Maria – 173 games
  10. Joe – 163 matches

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