February 1, 2023

Waiting for news about Pele’s health in front of the hospital – 12/26/2022

Our latest update is the latest photo his daughter posted with all her siblings. On Monday afternoon (26), in front of the main entrance to the oncology unit of the Albert Einstein Hospital, in Morumbi, south of São Paulo, a TV reporter spoke live about Pele’s condition. The photo she was referring to, posted by Kelly Nascimento on Sunday evening (25), along with the five brothers as the player has been in hospital for four weeks.

Pele was admitted to Einstein on November 29 to undergo a re-evaluation of chemotherapy for a colon tumor and to treat a respiratory infection, according to the medical bulletin issued at the time. Over the days, the team of specialists accompanying him noticed a “development” in the cancer discovered in 2021. And the disease began to affect the kidney and heart of the football king. Therefore, he was admitted to the hospital and then palliative treatment was started.

The routine of journalists in the vicinity of the health unit began to intensify over the days, especially at the end of last week, as Pele’s clinical condition deteriorated. On Christmas Eve and Day, the player’s family met with him and posted a photo of the meeting in the recovery room. “Another night together,” Kelly, pictured with Edinho, Celeste, Flavia, Jemima and Jeshua, wrote. This Monday, at eight o’clock in the morning, there were already journalists and photographers on the sidewalk of the building.

There were five news releases [médicos]🇧🇷 Now there is not much news,” commented a TV producer, in a room prepared by the hospital’s communications department that serves as a support for the professionals on the roof. The large hall has chairs and tables where people take turns throughout the day, checking information and writing reports.

Amidst the chatter of the microphones, a reporter taped the news in Spanish and then in English. Farther away, perched on a stepladder, another journalist sent a voice in French talking about Pele. The world seems to be paying attention to the greatest Brazilian player.

How is the king?

Since December 21, there has been no official update from doctors about the former player’s health condition. The choice was made by the family itself. “It is already known how it is, there is no point in feeding the excitement,” thought a man talking to reporters. What is known is that Pele is in a room while he is drugged.

“Is there any news? How is he doing?” asked Valdeche dos Anjos, 64, an ice cream vendor, as he walked past the hospital around 1:30 p.m. Valdeci travels around the neighborhood daily (“I didn’t stop at the weekend”), and takes the opportunity to update himself whenever he can ask someone. “Anyone who’s a fan wants to know, right? I’ll stop and ask the security guy, but nobody knows anything.”

Leaning on an ambulance on the street, one of the rescuers said that it had become common for people to approach people to learn more about Pele. He said that it is possible to follow the increasing press and spectators day by day. “Not long ago, journalists were called to stay near the entrance.”

Runner Fry Gaba, 67, finished his training in the Santana neighborhood and decided to go to Morumbi, about 20 kilometers away, to “honor the king,” as he puts it. At noon he was alone, under a tree, near the hospital guard, watching the movement.

“I want to do a marathon in his honor, to run for him – whether he is cured or not,” said Jabba, wearing a large T-shirt with Pele’s picture emblazoned across his chest.

Fry Gaba Corridor, 67, in front of the Albert Einstein Hospital, to honor Pele

Photo: Mateus Araujo/UOL

‘Chief of state’

At the start of the night, another shift of reporters organized themselves for fresh direct entries in the news. In the light rain that started to fall, the camera group also gained special cover with large umbrellas.

The lack of information worried the young man who was about to speak on television: “They asked me for news, but it’s impossible,” he immediately complained to his colleague. “Not even the family has posted any more photos. The last one was 20 hours ago,” he added.

Curiosity is not for nothing. Professionals from outside Brazil also started questioning their Brazilian friends. A journalist said that a large French newspaper was looking for housing in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, where Pele began his career. The communication medium wants to send teams that want to release reports on the king of football. “It’s Pele. He’s like a head of state, everyone wants to know about him.”